Some people wait for the weekend, others for a vacation

But I, I have been waiting for this: the day I saw someone actually wearing a sauna suit. You may recall my previous fascination with this product, an oversized, grey rubbery suit designed, I can only guess, for people to wear while exercising for maximum sweating.

I snapped this pic of a couple I found on sale in Al Falah Plaza:

And when he saw it here, my friend JP back home immediately requested one of his own. After it had been purchased, shipped and received he emailed me this, which is now in my Top 10 all time favourite photographs.

Yesterday before work I headed over to my tiny gym, which is steps from my flat and pleasingly reserved for ladies between the hours of 8 and 4.

As I climbed aboard the elliptical trainer, my eyes wandered to the left, where to my utter amazement and complete delight, there was a woman walking on a treadmill clad in black track pants and the sauna suit top, complete with yellow and red stripes. She did almost an hour of cardio, stopping – understandably – every 10 minutes or so to mop her brow.

Some days are just a gift, I guess.


Aaron said…
Pure genius. Great post.
JP said…
You met my soul mate and you didn't get her number for me!?
Um, I made a executive decision on that and decided not to. :)
Sydney said…
Good call. :)

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