Parking too much problem

I could go on about this, and I probably am, but this is how people actually park here. And it's rubbing off on me! If no one else can be bothered to find an actual parking space, instead seeing it sufficient to stick the nose of their Land Rover into any old opening, then why should I?

Because I am a bit obsessive, I guess, which is why I cannot stop being amazed at how people don't care where and how they leave their cars in this town.


rosh said…
Not everybody does that. Only the few with zero sense of decency, culture or humility.
Dave said…
Some people have a total disregard for others, and this is but one way that it manifests itself.

They believe they are more important and can do what they like... when they like...

Where they run into problems is when they take this culture to another country and find it is not tolerated.
Pu├ža said…
hahaha if I park like this, I get a ticket + a tow truck removes it and have to pay for that too.
Andrew Webber said…
I hear you...

We moved to Abu Dhabi from St Kilda (Inner Southern suburb of Melbourne Australia) the home of exceptional coffee and the most draconian parking laws on the planet.

At home if you were to:
stop and get out of your car,
run across the road,
rescue a small child and it's brace of postcard-cute kittens from a burning house, while fending off wild dogs and rampant looters...

...even if you were no longer than 90 seconds AND in full view of the ticket guy (waving at him to demonstrate that you were actually parked 3 centimetres outside the parking line for a reason) you'd get a ticket stuck to your windscreen for your trouble. Probably for $110 (about 280dhs). Usually for more.

Here, our neighbour in the villa next door regularly double parks (thus cutting the useable space of the road to half) over night and at times over an entire weekend simply because that places the car in front of the gate and they would not then have to walk the 2 extra car spaces to enter their abode.

Not that big a deal I guess if they are only parking their own car in... HUGE issue if it's someone elses, and the (coincidentally) Range Rover is there because they have gone away for the weekend.

This place makes me laugh every day. (Although I have yet to have my car trapped in... well not by my neigbour at least.)
Anonymous said…
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