Faboosh pink sofa set for sale

I could not resist taking a picture of this completely awesome sofa set sitting in the sand outside one of the many furniture shops in my neighbourhood.


Anonymous said…
Spacify has a collection of Sofa Sets with an array of modern designs. Each has its own great look that will find a way to enhance your home.
Ginger said…
Now that's a sofa! Please post the website of where to buy it. Thanks!
No website... it was just outside in the Water Tank neighbourhood (Muroor and 15th). There is always cool stuff like that in wacky colours for sale at the furniture stores there though.
furniture said…
Very nice actually when this pink can be blended into the home decor...thanks for the sale update.
They look very chic in that intersection. Every site could use some hot pink sofas outside to spice up the drab concrete. Awesome photo!
sofas said…
Nice choice of color for those sofas. Definitely stands out.

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