Okay, so the things I like about Abu Dhabi are...

...well, they are a little hard to find these hot days. I was talking to some friends the other night, and we were remarking that people seem as though they are at the end of their tether. Perhaps the summer is just finally sinking in. And even if you don't have to be outside, not being outside can make you just as cranky. We, as human beings, thrive on fresh air. And when we don't get it, our fuses, I reckon, get shorter and shorter and shorter.

It's like the reverse of Seasonal Affective Disorder, this heat and humidity (and if I hear "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" one more time... well, I probably won't do anything, will I?), and I'll take a bitter Ottawa winter any day over this hot box. But I can't and I'm not going to, so semi-regularly I am going to remind myself of why I like Abu Dhabi.

Reason one: when I visit the local falafel shop, Ali always gives me a little falafel to tide me over until my delicious wrap is ready. He wraps it in a Kleenex and gives it to me with a shy smile.


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