A random thing I feel the need to semi-publicly confess...

... I have acquired way too many summer dresses since arriving here 15 months ago. Like, a scary amount.


Pu├ža said…
hahaha the only thing I can say to that is... use them... enjoy them ... and as a catalan I add... amortize it!!
Geoff Pound said…
Love your catchy title and I was sucked in thinking it might be a sensational and salacious confession!

Let me, as one of the readers who enjoy your articles, offer my part in granting you absolution from such a heinous sin.

I do hope that this public confession has been good for your soul.

And, if you ever get a cure from this vile obsession, please let me know, because I am connected to several people (whose names won't be mentioned) who suffer from the same ghastly affliction.

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