You know you are getting old when...

... you say things like "you know you are getting old when". What am I, a lame greeting card slogan writer? Lordy Lordy, look who's ... oh forget it. That's a long way off. Well, it's a way off anyway.

But although I own an iPod touch, I was typing up some notes today using my first iPod, a second generation white version I've had for about six years, when one of the much-younger reporters approached and said "wow, is that a classic iPod?"


Gray Dourman said…
Gettin’ old and feelin' blue,
Workin' days, almost through,
Kids are grown, my woman ain't new,
Fewer choices, nothin' to do,
So I dream of places I no longer go,
I talk to people I don't wanna know,
Walkin' G dead, shattered head,
Waitin' on somethin’ new to do,
Gettin' old and feelin' blue.

Gray Dourman

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