Reader of The National succinctly sums up what's wrong with the cheaper, older, gold and white taxis

Although I have to point out you don't get emerald-hued sequined covers in the back of the silver taxis. It's true though, they are all going to Musaffah. Bravo Lionel Bainbridge; you sport an admirable turn of phrase:

"One occasionally reads in your paper expressions of regret that Abu Dhabi's old white-and-gold taxis with their eccentric drivers are on the way out. I'd like to strike a dissenting note. Personally, I couldn't be more pleased about the new silver taxis. When their "for hire" light is on, they can be relied upon to stop and pick up a passenger rather than sailing past on some obscure mission of their own. This alone is an enormous stressbuster as there is nothing more annoying than attempting to flag down an apparently available cab, only to be ignored. The new cabs also have the advantage that their drivers don't only want to go to Musaffah and their drivers automatically use the meter rather than haggling for a fare. I hope to see more on the roads soon."


Nifty Stuff said…
I am a Canadian with family in Abu Dhabi and I'm visiting here for the summer and went to high school here a few years ago. Back then there were no silver taxis and the prices for gold and white taxis were decent. The reason I think the 'Available' gold and white cabbies wouldn't stop is because they were heading to prayer. I also know that back then (I'm talking 8 years ago) you didn't haggle rates, they all ran meters. I am guessing they are price haggling now to compete with the silver taxis that have taken their business. I will let a dozen silver taxis go by before i find my white and gold. They know what they are doing and are good conversation. Down with privitization!

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