I think we should all take a moment...

... to remember the late, great Bea Arthur.


nzm said…

While ensconced in Australia between June 2007 and July 2008, I watched Golden Girls reruns on Oz TV. They were still funny and still made me laugh out loud.

There aren't many comedy series from days gone by that can be seen today and still appreciated without cringing at some of the outdated humour.

To think, that the whole series was mostly shot in the house.
Heather Jane said…
I adored the Golden Girls when I was growing up. I bypassed all the usual kid-favourites, like Saved By The Bell (Zack Morris!) for this show.

It's just Rue McClanahan and Betty White left now :(
Jayne said…
I'm old enough to remember watching 'Maude' (eeek!) but Bea really came into her own with the Golden Girls. She was a wonderful actress & the laughs she gave us all will be remembered for many a year yet.
nzm said…
Ah, but Jayne - first there was All in the Family with Archie Bunker!

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