What will they use camel milk for next?

If you are like me and have exahusted your UAE-centric gift ideas for people back home (shorting of transporting actual camel milk, which would be gross considering the 14-hour flight, I am at a loss. There are only so many dates, Arabian carpet coasters and stuffed camels people in Canada can take) this new company has an idea for you - camel soap!

All you need to do is drop by www.camelmilksoap.com (awesome url, btw) to find their offerings, made from fresh, organic camel milk mixed with a variety of oils, shea butter - even dead sea minerals. The apparently brand new company seems to have plans to retail their product, but for now you can order it online.

People are always touting the immune system- boosting benefits of camel milk and this company is no exception, but I am not sure even if those claims are true that they would transfer into soap. Nonetheless, camel milk is undoubtedly hot right now (the UAE has big plans to export the product to the EU and beyond) and the people behind Camelmilksoap.com have serious expansion plans. According to their press release:

The makers of the handmade organic camel milk soap hope to export camel milk soap bars all over the world from their Arabian base which represents the true home of the legendary camel.

I do, however, agree that camels are legendary. 


Anonymous said…
I'm a big fan of camel milk! It makes wonderful ice cream - it tastes creamier than cows milk but is actually lower in fat. I love the camelicious milk chocolate too!

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