Oh dear: Brit Martin Hayle drowns in Dubai, there with another woman, family thinks he is in US

This is heartbreaking, and not just because three people drowned in Dubai while swimming last weekend. One of them was a Brit named Martin Hayle, who told his family he was going on a business trip in the US but then headed in another direction, with another woman. As only the Sun can:

A source told The Sun last night: "Heather genuinely believed that Martin was working in the States.
"It was an appalling double blow. Firstly she was told he was dead - and secondly that he had been in Dubai with another woman." 


Anonymous said…
Actually once she learned he was tomcatting around on her, maybe she didn't mind his death so much!
Martyn Cornell said…
D'you know, Anonymous 10:17, I think that's one of the most stupid, unfeeling, unpleasant, ill-thought-through comments on any story I've ever seen. No wonder you're ashamed to put your name to it.

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