Bahrain is in a state of "national safety" not emergency, according to government

Well, that's one way of looking at it. When Bahrain declared a state of emergency yesterday due to an uprising that troops from Saudi Arabia and UAE have been sent in to help quell as part of the GCC's Peninsula Shield Force, this is the Ministry of Information press release that was sent out to provide the (fantastical) explanation:


As a result of current circumstances facing the Kingdom of Bahrain which has seen increased lawlessness jeopardising the lives of citizens and resulting in the violation of private property, disruption of livelihoods and extending to the damage of state institutions including places of worship, schools and education institutions, as well as the change of medical institutions including hospitals to places of fear and terror and escalating damage to Bahrain's economy, Bahrain's Supreme Commander in Chief His Majesty King Hamad today issued Royal Decree Number18 for the year 2011 announcing a State of National Safety in accordance with Article 36/b of Bahrain's Constitution of 2002, which will cover all areas of Bahrain as of Tuesday March 15th 2011 for a period of three months.

The Commander in Chief of the Bahrain Defence Force has been mandated to take the measures and procedures necessary to preserve the safety of the nation and its people; these measures will be implemented by the Bahrain Defence Force, public security forces, National Guard and any other forces if necessary.


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