Gisele Bunchen covers up: H&M ads altered for Gulf's sensitive audience

Has anyone seen these yet? Coco Perez (click for more pics) reports the GCC decided to offer some new fashion ideas for H&M's more revealing looks. Did the censor go a little crazy with the Photoshop? Seems like Gisele has been "altered" too. This isn't surprising at all, considering the country does this to magazines like Glamour:

 Interestingly, magazines that are produced inside the country seem to be able to get away with a lot more, and aren't subjected to the big black marker, either.


Anonymous said…
Is that actually black marker? i.e does someone actually manually censor each edition of every magazine?

: S

Censorship is arcane enough without an astoundingly inefficient system of censorship to add to the stupidity.
Yes, they do! I have magazines sent over from the US, so it's always shocking when I buy one and come across the big bad black marker.
Anonymous said…
Hi there,
My name is Aaisha Lakar and i work in H&M PR department- Middle East.
Would really appreciate if you could send me you email address for further communication.
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with this kind of censorship, we don't want the girls belonging to our culture to become the average western slut. Way to go censors!
Keep your culture. Fight globalization.

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