When you wake up tomorrow, it will almost be time for kimchi

The Holiday Inn's Silk Route Cafe has brought in a Korean chef and offers an authentic Korean buffet every Thursday night, which I was lucky enough to attend last week. Not only was it very busy, but I saw a lot of Korean people there, enjoying the food, which I always think is a good sign. (Funny that I think that. It's not like if I saw a bunch of Americans in Denny's pigging out on sausages and pancakes, I would think "they must do American food well!") Anyhoo, it was my first time eating kimchi, yum yum, and an assortment of delish noodles and chicken and beef dishes. I also enjoyed a Hite beer and a shot of the famous Korean liquor, Soju, which tasted a little as though someone had disinfected a cut in my mouth. I'd make a reservation to be safe. 02 657 4888 Every Thursday between 7 and 11pm. Dh145


witsandnuts said…
Try Hankook Korean Restaurant, too.

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