Ode to pomegranate juice: how I love your sweet, refreshing flavour, your antioxidants, your ability to quench my thirst and tickle my tastebuds

But mostly I love how Nabras and all the other corner shwarma shops in Abu Dhabi, Juice Capital of the World® , can turn such an obstinate fruit into this much juice in about 5 minutes. Have you ever tried to de-seed a pomegranate? My only attempts have led to injury, slippage, cursing and juice-stained clothing and sofas. These guys should be building bridges, or constructing skyscrapers down on the Corniche, or taking a crack at world peace. They are true professionals and they have my eternal respect.


Dubai Property said…
I will try it out, it seems to be a good experience. I love pomegranate but only fresh one.

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