Totally true second-hand story: man, monkey, mobile phone+bicycle

This comes from my hairdresser, who spotted this last week on the Corniche in Abu Dhabi: a man in national dress, riding a bicycle (rather slowly, as you can imagine), head cocked to one side, talking on his mobile, with a live monkey wrapped around his neck. A woman in an abaya walked (also slowly) by his side.

UPDATE: I just happened to check the "keyword analysis" portion of Statcounter, the handy gadget that lets me know how many visitors I have. One in particular jumped out:

"Looking to buy a monkey in Dubai 2011"


Anonymous said…
A few weeks ago I was driving on the corniche and saw a land cruiser with a monkey sitting on the sunroof. the driver was going slowly, not disrupting traffic by his speed but definitely attracting attention!

Maybe it was the same guy!

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