Qatar Airways gets flight landing deal; Canada fails to understand the importance of "timing"...

... and the UAE is sure to be even more p*ssed. According to yesterday's Montreal Gazette, the deal allowing Qatar Airways three passenger and three freight flights a week happened back on October 25.

And even though as I understand it, Qatar Airways (the world's only five-star airline, as the pleasant commercials go) has now obtained landing rights where Emirates and Etihad already had them and are seeking additions, in a week when the UAE has made Canada the only Western country whose residents need to obtain a visa before coming here, the optics ain't good.


rosh said…
It's like Air Canada can't compete, more like doesn't care to, and the government is willing to do anything for spoiled little AC. Many other airlines want the right to fly to Canada or more destinations in Canada but we typically shoot ourselves in the foot and refuse them that right. Have a look at the the NYC area, where there is a TON of choices in airlines, cheaper airfares and much MUCH lower taxes!

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