Oh Snap: Grumpy UAE insists Canadians visiting the UAE as of Jan 2 need a visa

First Camp Mirage, now this.

What's next, for those of us who live here? Visas revoked? Internment? (Not that I'm suggesting anything)


Dave said…
Apparently this is all to do with the UAE lobbying against Canada to win a seat on the UN Security Council.

Gulf News published some articles relative to it in October.... according to them (Gulf News) the Canadian Govt has an 'Anti-Arab' stance. I would say this is related to that spat...
Anonymous said…
Grumpy UAE? What about self-obsessed Harper? Lets look at the track record of the UAE in treating foreigners, versus that of the Harper government; which one is worse? which one is more hateful towards foreigners?
Anonymous said…
as i read somewhere:
U.A.E & Canada, two countries nobody cares about.
mezba said…
I would say this one is Harper's fault.
rosh said…
When was the last time you had a 'Grumpy' UAE? Think about it..This one is on Harper and his buffoons.

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