Is anybody else getting tired of seeing this chick?

Not to mention 3001 ads on how to lose belly fat.


nzm said…
Yup. I once made the mistake of clicking through to watch the video. What a waste of my time!
Anonymous said…
Oh, thank God. I thought it was just me. (I have been on a diet for a few months and been browsing weight-loss sites, so I figured that was the reason.)
Anonymous said…
Actually the one we're more fedup of is the Gulf News so called Good living saving crap..With the recession and not getting enough ads, they're stuffing every second page with their crap about saving, when in fact you have to I'm so sick of seeing such crap..BTW, I have all those books at home and have never found an occasion to use a single voucher..
Cat Russell said…
Yes, removed Google Ads from my blog because of her. Sigh.
Haleem said…
Hi... you have a nice blog.

Yes that ad is tiring. I remember sometime ago we had one with some 10x camera. I wonder why is it widespread every where!
Annie said…
Haha absolutely!!

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