Burj Dubai... I mean Khalifa! Thanks Abu Dhabi!

Dubai renames world landmark after Abu Dhabi's leader; confuses entire world while rendering my "Burj Dubai" welcome mat, keychain and commemorative tea cup utterly useless. Or extremely valuable. Only time will tell.


mezba said…
It was a spectacular launch. I saw it on BBC and UAE knows how to do fireworks.

Did you see it live?
Nah, was in Abu Dhabi. From the footage it looked like the Burj was on fire!
I also could be a part of the launch of world's tallest tower "BURJ KALIFA"
Really proud to be there...

Building tall buildings is big blunder... especially in an era of rising terrorism..It creates traffic hassles and Arabs are well know for their bad planning.. this is an utter waste of money..
The Americans have learned it. Its always better to spread out your buildings.

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