A random thing I feel the need to semi-publicly confess

I am dangerously close to joining Twitter, just as soon as I can figure out what it is.

(In a related development, the British journalism newsletter Gorkana tells me Sky News has just appointed Ruth Barnett a Twitter Correspondent: "she will now dedicate her time to scouring the Twittersphere for news stories on a daily basis and feeding back relevant stories to the rest of the Sky News team". Ruth’s tweets can be followed at www.twitter.com/RuthBarnett)


Trish said…
I don't know what it is either, but I actually dropped a facebook friend, due to Twitter. He knew how to use it, and somehow had it linked in to his status updates on FB. Every time I logged on it said "Andrew is twittering: (and then some update here)" It drove me mad. I can't even stand the word "Twitter" anymore. But, go ahead :)
Anonymous said…
Gorkana has also started including a really irritating 'twitterati' section on its alerts.For that reason alone I refuse to find out what it is.
As if the Facebook/ MySpace/ Bebo generation wasn't bad enough..

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