Overheard at the Captain's Arms

Two British guys talking over pints (for much, much longer than I would have thought two guys would talk over pints on this particular topic) about how one of them has a massive crush on a girl at work.

Guy 1: Do you talk to her outside the office?

Guy 2: Yeah. (Pauses, smiles bashfully) She probably calls me more than I call her.

Guy 1: (Gives him a thumbs up) Probably time for champagne and strawberries.

Guy 2: Yeah, but that's the easy part.


Trish said…
Lucky lady....
Phillip said…
Unsolicited advice for the "lucky lady": Run!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Graeme Baker said…
ann, how much are you charging anonymous to use your blog as an advertising site?

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