He's only 21 and still in university: meet Umm al Qaiwain's new Crown Prince

The National's Rym Ghazal (who, if I am not mistaken, went to Carleton University) has a good interview with the young Sheikh Rashid bin Saud bin Rashid Al Mua'alla.

I urge you to take a look at the link, if only to see Sheikh Rashid, a lover of felines, playing with his "favourite pet", which appears to be a tiger.


nzm said…
A white tiger too! Beautiful.

Back in 2005, there was an article in Gulf News about a woman seeing a tiger hanging out of a Range Rover being driven in Dubai.

I blogged about it here. The link to the original article is still valid, but unfortunately the image link is broken. It showed the tiger with its head out of the window of a Range Rover driving on the #5 interchange going onto Sh. Zayed Road. The tiger looked like it was thoroughly enjoying the ride!
Gaia said…
Awww... he reminds me of Princess Jasmine with Rajah :)
Graeme Baker said…
...patiently waits for the Seigfreid and Roy moment...
bwana_daoudi said…
G. Baker, you are just a rolling ball of negativity! Good God, man.
Well if you had a tiger as a pet, OF COURSE you would want to take it for a drive!
Graeme Baker said…
That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long while, Bwana. Come on it'd be quite funny, admit it. Just a light mauling.

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