Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter is coming, and apparently it is going to be quite cold

The stuff for sale in the shops would have me believe snow is about to fall here any minute, and I have to tell you, I am a little rattled. I brought nothing with me but summer clothes and sandals. People tells me it goes down to 15C at night, and I guess after being steamed alive all summer I am having a little trouble remembering just how that feels. Looking back on last September in Canada, I do not recall having to don a puffy vest or scarf, but perhaps that will all change now that I am in Abu Dhabi.

Somehow, I don't think so though. Another expat wrote in to The National today complaining about the stock in stores after her husband left two pairs of shorts behind on a trip abroad. He has been unable to find another pair.

"Why is it that the multinational clothing chains insist that their outlets here stock the same seasonal items as their stores in America and Europe? Don't they ever compare temperatures?" she asked. "I mean, when was the last time you ever saw anyone in Abu Dhabi or Dubai wearing a duffel coat?"

I do not even know what a duffel coat is. But I have to say I find it comforting to know that should I take an unplanned trip back to my home and native land this winter, Abu Dhabi's malls are offering everything I need to outfit myself, including a plethora of turtlenecks, wool dresses and trousers, tall boots both stiletto and furry, mitts and gloves and, of course, snowboards.

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Graeme said...

Curses, I was going to write about this. You're too quick on the draw, Quick Draw McQueen.

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