Visa application for Syrian vacation: Today in things I no longer need for the foreseeable future


Anonymous said…
lots of personal info in that pic...hmmm
yes it's true I have a mother and a father and a birthdate - I am also Canadian and an editor!!!
Essam Al-Ghalib said…
I thought your first name was Ann Marie and your last name McQueen.
Anonymous said…
omg u r ~41!
Yes, 41! And Essam, clearly I was not on the ball enough to enter that country from the beginning :)
Rootless said…
Meh, you're not missing that much imho.. I found Damascus creepy and disappointing. Khaleeji friend and I even got detained by secret police for a couple of hours for consulting a map on the street at night! Aleppo may well be better but I am not rushing back there after that last experience anyway. Lebanon and Jordan both much, much better. Try Iran instead for an adventurous trip: Shiraz is an hour's flight and a good entry point for nearby Persepolis and also amazing Esfahan and Yazd.

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