Three random acts of Ramadan kindness

Pay double for your taxi fare - more than once

Fill up on stuff for bachelors through The Box Appeal programme

Help DAM, a group of Palestinian rappers get their next album made. Go to and pay US$1 and up for varying levels of downloads in return.


Anonymous said…
If you were an Arabic speaker you could listen in to Noor Dubai's radio station at 5pm and participate in a daily telethon they have to raise funds for a variety of cases such as people who are unable to pay their medical bills, or put their children through school, or build schools in random parts of the world, etc, etc.

If you can cook, you can always make something and drop it off at the local mosque for Iftar.

(or, if you are in the mood to try some good ol' local food, head to the palaces in the Manaseer area and where palace staff starts handing out food from 4 or 5pm. mmmmmmm, harees is soooo good

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