Tim Hortons is still coming to Abu Dhabi: 3 positive indications

Again, my hand. My Tim Horton's. Summer, 2009. 

You may remember this bloggy blog reporting way back on February 3 that a Tim Hortons was probably coming to set up shop in the new Mushrif Mall. (The picture seen here even made it into the Canadian Business Council's spring newsletter, which hopped on the anticipation bandwagon)

That news was obviously super exciting. Well, April 5, the supposed opening date, came and went with no Tims. I am here to say: don't give up. Keep up the faith. I believe, and so should you, because:

a) While attending to some bureaucratic hurdles at the UAE embassy in Ottawa, Canada's capital, a new colleague saw some literature to this effect

b) Last Friday a colleague who took his family on an outing to Mushrif Mall (I would say this was sad, to have an outing to a mall that is barely open, but I've done much, much sadder to pass the time these hot days off and I don't have any children to entertain) saw a sign for Tim Hortons, even if he did not see the actual location.

c) Anonymous (who I know is Canadian, due to the correct spelling and punctuation of "Hortons") posted this on my blog and although this positive sign is quite similar to the one above, I am choosing to basically count it twice in an attempt to turn his/her frown upside down.

Anonymous: saw a Tim Hortons sign in Mushrif : ) looks like it's still under construction : ( 


Anonymous said…
I'd say it's official - was at Mushrif mall this week and took a picture of the location - it's right by the front entrance, next to Rolex (!). No idea how to upload it here! It's not open yet, but it's there.
Moe said…
The mall officially opens on Wednesday, here's a picture.:

Anonymous said…
I'm flying into Abu Dhabi on Saturday from Bahrain - I really hope Timmy's is open cause I am dying for some T.H. goodies!!

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