Presented without comment (although readers' are encouraged)


alexander... said…
Were you brave enough to give it a try?
Anonymous said…
ROFLMAO!!! Fantastic!
Ha! I should have credited Essam al Ghalib, but he got it from another guy... so no, I did not give it a try. :)
Anonymous said…
Here's another one for you (for those who understand what 420 actually means hehehe)

This was taken in Shahama.
Anonymous said…
OK I know its not in the same league but my favourite sign is Titanic Travel Company in RAK - one day I need to get a picture of it!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: I saw that same shop and instantly said WTF. Almost got my friend to turn around to go take a photo.
Anonymous said…
There is a massage parlour in Al Qusais called GANG BANG Massage Centre :)))
COME ON!!!! I need pictures people :)
You will get a photo credit and my eternal gratitude.

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