Overheard in the newsroom: Super special Thursday edition

Peanut butter on toast is not an old man's dish.

I just ate two kilos of white bread. 

He walked around the whole of the Emirates. Just started last week.

They are a bunch of jokers. They keep saying 'we are definitely going to do it, really soon'.

Nobody likes sustainability and nobody likes Canadians.


Rina said…
I like Canadians! (*_*) If it was possible, I would marry one! He better look like my ideal charming prince though! xD *rosy dreams*

Honestly, I do get along well with them (I know few) and I learn afterward that they're Canadian. Hmmm..it can’t be because of the “UAE & Canada. Two countries nobody cares about” comment that I read somewhere in your blog, can it? LOL!

Maybe there’s a mysterious connection. *looks around*

As you can tell, I am going off topic for the sake of commenting.

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