I get mail: Another satisfied boric acid vs cockroaches customer

From Anonymous:
Hi I just bought it from The New Maryam Pharmacy on Beach Road close to Dubai Bank (amazingly it's only 8dhs!) I've made the roaches food and the next morning when i turned the kitchen light on, not a single roach was there (maybe too busy feasting on the food)... and now when i see some, they look groggy and sleepy...waiting for me to smash them :)
thanks a lot for the info! great help! 

I swear to you, again, that boric acid is the cheapest and best way to deal with cockroaches (which can be a menace in the UAE, particularly in the summer, no matter how clean and tidy you are). I don't live in this apartment anymore, but for a year after I treated the kitchen just once with boric acid, the roaches never came back. 

PS Boric acid is not "food" for the roaches. Rather they track through it and the powder dries them out, rendering them incapacitated and eventually dead. 


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