I'm curious: What phrases do you think you hear more of in a week in the UAE?

Feel free to nominate your own, too. Here are my suggestions.

"Ma'am/sir, do you have one dirham?"

"Too much hot."

"After tomorrow."

"It's not possible."

"Where you from?"

UPDATE (thank you Anonymous)
The one, the only: "Inshallah."


Anonymous said…
You forgot the ultimate phrase/word/sentence/'claim'

Josh said…
"Mafi mushkallah"
"As you like."
"Hello sir/ma'am!"
"How are you? How is your family? How is your dad?"

Anonymous said…
Going in the backside??
...usually from a taxi driver! Scary the first time you hear it!
Anonymous said…
You also forgot "If you dont like it go back home."
Anonymous said…
"No problem, no problem"
Anonymous said…
"Salam Alaikoom"


"Wallah?" and/or "Wallah!"
Bali Travel said…
Insha Allah will feel comfortable stay in Dubai .. Developed countries are prosperous ..
These comments are awesome.
Anonymous said…

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