Monday, May 17, 2010

Prediction: There is NO WAY Sex and the City 2 will screen here

I know it makes a good story, stuff like this. But there really is no "wait and see" to it.  

In my humble opinion, the only way people in the UAE are going to see the new Sex and the City is if they are good at illegal downloading or know a guy with a suitcase who knocks at their door from time to time, bearing another batch of new releases that may or may not work or have been shot by a jittery video pirate on a crappy handheld in some unknown darkened theatre in God knows where. And when you forget your head and spend Dh10 dirhams because it's a new release you really want to see that will never open here, say Sex and the City 2, and it clunks out right at the good part, never to be revived even though you spend 30 minutes trying, well then it will be your fault. 

The first one never opened here – I know, because my oldest friend waited for me to make my first trip home and we went to see it together.

Although the UAE has no problem with bloody, horrific violence, sex, especially city-style, will not fly. Even if by some strange miracle it does show here, it would make no sense. Slash cut slash. Kim Cattrall's character would be all but obliterated and it probably won't make much sense. Liza Minelli performs at a gay wedding, for goodness sake. Best hope is for the full, uncut airing on Showtime next year. They never cut anything.

Just a reminder: it was Dubai who turned the producers down, location-wise, not the capital. And Abu Dhabi that ended up scoring the big product placement without making any sacrifices or without riling any conservatives. Wasn't shot here, see? We had nothing to do with it. 

Apparently a movie manager in Dubai says it's on the "tentative" schedule. But I'll believe it when I see it. And by see it, I mean when I fly back to Canada next month. And sit in a darkened theatre next to my oldest friend, who I know is going to wait for me. 


nzm said...

The word "Sex" in the title will be enough to ban it.

Dave said...

I agree that even if it did screen here it would be about 30 minutes shorter than it was intended to be, due to all the cuts.

Personally I'll wait to see an unedited version as I thought the first movie was pretty good.

Verdi said...

Who cares about Sex and the City?
Not I!
I will survive.

~*♥ miss pink ♥*~ said...

Ewie not a fan. Just glad I won't have to hear people rant and rave about it while I'm there because it's enough to put anyone to sleep.
Also SJP is a little annoying, gets on the nerves.

Lindsey said...

I think it will be hard for you to sit through since you live there.

I just saw it on Friday, and since I've been to Abu Dhabi 4 times and my parents have lived there for the last 12 years, it was really tough to not roll my eyes at the whole thing. They really bastardized Abu Dhabi.

I would be shocked if it hits the big screen there!

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