Has anyone seen the scary weird player piano in Marina Mall?

We were rushing through the mall to go to the cinema when we heard a piano pounding out the notes of Jingle Bells. What the? we thought, before we stumbled on this contraption, roped off and the subject of several intrigued onlookers. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was wandering through those frosty corridors and heard the unmistakeable notes of My Heart Will Go On (not with Celine Dion singing it, of course - another person was on vocals). It sings, too? More intrigued onlookers.

I have to go to the mall this week, I shall check to see if it has taken up dancing and report back.


Rich said…
There is one in Dubai Mall as well. Glad I didn't hear it singing. My son would have freaked out even more. He was interested for a moment and then came running back to me and said 'something is wrong with that'.

'nuf said
Omg that is absolutely hilarious!

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