Yogalosophy brings you beach yoga

Saturday morning, 9 to 10.30am, on the Corniche by Gate 2, (that's the one by the Chevrolet dealership, before all the food kiosks kick in). You get 90 minutes of gorgeous flow under guaranteed sunlight with an excellent teacher. Dh60 includes the class and access to the beach.

Go before it's too hot. You will not be sorry.


A 2 Z said…
Happy St.Patric's Anne-Marie!
franallen said…
Hi, I applaud your blog for informing people, very interesting article, keep up it coming Smile.

franallen said…
Fascinating stuff. Squeamish? Bah. I read it while I was eating breakfast.

LibGurl said…
This is so great to see! I am a yoga lover moving to Abu Dhabi in July and was hoping to find a few yoga studios there. Thanks for sharing!
Lucretia said…
Hi there!

Im staying in Abu Dhabi too and was blog walking and saw ur entry on Yoga.. Is this yoga by the beach still on going? and where can i find more information on it? thank you! so much!!
sorry to take so long to write... it will be back in September I imagine

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