Another ill-advised vacation purchase

Does this happen to you? I do it all the time: go away somewhere, and once there, unburdened by the practicalities of daily life, envision that I have an entirely different existence back home. One that can accommodate clothes that I will not even consider wearing upon my return, such as very high heels, small bikinis, one-piece jumpsuits, small, short dresses and these. You see when I asked myself the question - why don't I have a pair of harem pants? – I should have just answered the obvious. Because they look ridiculous.


SDM said…
Not to be picky, I think you mean Harem pants.

Though it may be a Freudian slip, because these pants really should be Haram
Dave said…
Hmmmm, you can do better....
Ah yes, a slip, they should be banned everywhere. :)

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