Toilet tips may have been (slightly) be lost in translation

Putting aside the totally awesome memo title and "ENJOY IT!!!!" postscript and moving back to #2, why would I, why should I clean the seat for "people who enjoy sprinkling in the process of tinkling"?

Shouldn't "people who enjoy sprinkling in the process of tinkling" actually be cleaning the seat for me?


Anonymous said…
what a note ! :)

lol,,thats funny,,,,I would add:
Enjoy it, and let others do so, too. :D

btw,,,Happy New Year,,,you could write about your new year day in Abu Dhabi ;)

Rina said…
Happy New Year!♥

LOL! The "people who enjoy sprinkling in the process of tinkling" part is so funny.

We need that note for the washrooms in my college. xDD

I made a comic strip of the washrooms back in February. I thought it would teach them a lesson to at least flush the toilets. People made comments and liked it but the situation didn’t get any better, lol. You can take a look at it here( :D
Rina, that is some amazing drawing!
Rina said…
I'm glad you liked it! -though it's so old- *_*

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