Radio traffic updates are ALMOST the same in the UAE as at home

Listening to Lady Gaga on Radio One the other morning, aside from the crisp British accents – which so surround me they sound almost normal now – I could almost pretend I was driving along Bronson listening to Hot 89.9 in the nation's capital. And then this, from the announcer urging people to report traffic tie-ups:

"Even if it's a camel jam in Ajman, we want to know about it".


Trish said…
That is funny! No camels on the 417 this morning :) How is it that they let you listen to Lady Gaga, but not Katy Perry?
Pearl said…
A camel jam. :-)

The snow has started to fall here in Minneapolis, and the idea of a camel in the road is just what I needed right now!

Kanchan said…
I work in radio, infact with Radio 1 & 2. We really do get listeners sending us text messages if/when a camel is on the road :)
Kanchan, that is awesome! Love you guys on the air...

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