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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Radio traffic updates are ALMOST the same in the UAE as at home

Listening to Lady Gaga on Radio One the other morning, aside from the crisp British accents – which so surround me they sound almost normal now – I could almost pretend I was driving along Bronson listening to Hot 89.9 in the nation's capital. And then this, from the announcer urging people to report traffic tie-ups:

"Even if it's a camel jam in Ajman, we want to know about it".


Trish said...

That is funny! No camels on the 417 this morning :) How is it that they let you listen to Lady Gaga, but not Katy Perry?

Pearl said...

A camel jam. :-)

The snow has started to fall here in Minneapolis, and the idea of a camel in the road is just what I needed right now!


Kanchan said...

I work in radio, infact with Radio 1 & 2. We really do get listeners sending us text messages if/when a camel is on the road :)

Ann Marie McQueen said...

Kanchan, that is awesome! Love you guys on the air...