A little too excited about the Belgian Beer Bar

...then again, I'm not the only one.

The pub-to-be has 421 fans on its Facebook page and it isn't even open yet. (That happens next Wednesday, December 16, at the Intercontinental Hotel) The way Abu Dhabi is, I would not be surprised if every last one of those fans turned up on opening night next week for mussels and chips and some seriously potent yet delicious Belgian brew.

Part of the attraction is that this promises to be a normal pub, not some grotty weathered version circa 1978 with sticky floors, the smell of stale smoke in the air and a smattering of leering, wizened expats around the taps. (Not that there's anything wrong with that).

I whiled away quite a few hours at the Dubai version of the Belgian Beer Bar a couple of weeks ago and can't wait.

This is what Abu Dhabi is like people. We get very excited when new venues open.


Paraglider said…
Greetings - where is the Dubai instance of a Belgian Beer Bar? And does it stock real Trappist brews? Thanks!
Dave said…
If it is anything like the Belgian Cafe in Dubai (Festival Centre) then you will not be dissapointed.

But you must treat those big buckets of Hoegarden Beer with the respect they deserve....
Yes it does! Intercontinental Hotel...
Love the one in Dubai. I've been hoping that AD would get a decent indoor pub. If it's not loaded with men and their girls on the payroll, I'll be elated.
I left Abu Dhabi in July of this year. Happy to see a bonfide pub is about to open in the city. Be sure to post a review when it opens. Will be interested to hear what it's like =)
Sharon said…
Awesome news! I wonder if they stock Leffe...

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