Seeking a roommate and yes, nationality is an issue

More of my continued obsession with the way people advertise their "bed spaces" in Abu Dhabi.


Anonymous said…
I don't know ... my friend and I burst in laughter at "Bed Space". It makes it sound that they the roommate would be paying for that bed space. Just a light-hearted note.

On another note, I don't really know why, but some of the announcements out there aren't necessarily posted by the people of the same requested nationality. I once, in sheer interest, called the one asking for a Philippino roommate. Guess what? The person who answered spoke in flagrant Egyptian-English accent.

Not knowing what that gentleman's agendas were, I glared in bewilderment and hung up.
Weird! I always think that about "bed spaces" too. But sadly in the case of some of the "bachelors" that can be pretty much it.
Anonymous said…
well generally bed space means more than two people in the room and space is there only to put a single bed in short what they mean is limited space not space for furniture cupboards etc

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