Ummmm, why exactly?

I took this picture at the Gaza protest a couple of weeks ago, some days after I was rattling on to a friend about men who carry their girlfriend's or wives purses for them. This is like the 'suit jacket over the summer dress in the evening chill at a wedding' gesture - one of my all-time favourites, actually - gone horribly wrong. I am not talking about holding a purse while we rummage, or readjust, or something. Full on carrying: unless both the woman's arms have just fallen off, I say there is no excuse.

Who are these men? More importantly, what is up with their girlfriends?


Anonymous said…
hehe seriously gesture gone wrong...but with the amounts of stuff we carry around in our bags they do get heavy! they look out of place at the protest though...
bwana_daoudi said…
Perhaps that is a murse, or man-purse. It might not be his lady's at all.
Maybe it's an ingenious way to save money. If you don't have your purse you can't buy anything right? I'll try it with my wife next time I'm at marina mall.
kaya said…
Sad. Maybe they share mascara too.
First time here. Enjoyed the read and smiled .
mezba said…
She is wearing tough cowboy boots too.

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