I am obsessed with: Cranford

A British friend loaned me this 2007 British miniseries shortly after I arrived and it languished on the table in my hotel for months. He asked several times if I'd watched it yet, arguing that I should because "it's just so good". I am not sure why it took so long; maybe it was all the bonnets on the DVD case that put me off. And I am not really much for period pieces. But one night last week I popped it in and was hooked about 15 minutes later.

This is just an incredibly well-done, intricate series of stories, subtle, deftly weaved, featuring a lot of Britain's top talent. I was particularly taken with Imelda Staunton's dried-up Miss Pole and developed a strange crush on Dr Morgan, a small part played by John Bowe. (Maybe it was the sideburns)

I laughed - there are some great lines and incredibly dry wit in there - and I cried, no exaggeration. It was worth every minute of the five hours I spent watching it. And in honour of Valentine's Day, it is also filled with all sorts of lovely romance. Order. Watch. You won't be sorry.


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