Guess which name this US chicken chain goes by in the UAE?


Trish said…
That is hystercial.
Graeme Baker said…
So it's perfectly acceptable for UAE citizens to gorge themselves on nasty western food, but God forbid that they might do it in a place that is named "Church's".

Was the change the company's decision or the governments? Not that it makes any difference I guess, what with self-censorship being what it is out there.
kaya said…
No way!!!!!! really?
Well despite their claim to be using fresh chicken and what not, I was not impressed. Bt thats cause I dont like fast food anyway. That was a kids taking mom/dad thing.
Not that I care abt that sort of thing.
Google tells me it started as Church's, changed to Texas to market the chain internationally.

Either way it gives me heartburn.
Anonymous said…
You guys are making mountains out of mole hills

church's is also known as texas in the uk and other non muslim countries

Graeme : pls always read before you blurt such comments....UAE is not Saudi Arabia... we have actual churches here.

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