Three different people have sent me news of this job

Have you heard about this? An island in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef (or is it in the Great Barrier Reef? I realise I know so little about the Land Down Under, despite working with so many of their great people. Then again, one of them once asked me if Alberta was in Calgary) is going to pay someone more than $122,000 for six months to blog about their experiences living there. 

AP reports 20,000 people have already applied online, and the ad doesn't expire until Feb 22. Unfortunately, you can't get on the site at the moment to apply. 

Don't ask me how I know that. 


Trish said…
You must have tried applying to many times, too frequently. Apparently the site has crashed! (This is true...about the site crashing, I mean...)
Trish said…
too many times...of course.

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