Bobby Lee is coming! Bobby Lee is coming!

I am so excited right now I can barely type. I was just editing a story about the Comedy Arabia show at the Beach Rotana Tuesday and Wednesday night (the one on the sign I've barely acknowledged on each gym visit by thinking sarcastically 'now that will be funny'). I went to the website to check some facts on the headliner, Ahmed Ahmed, when I saw it: a tiny picture of MadTV's hilarious and frequently naked cast member Bobby Lee. 

I almost started hyperventilating. Bobby Lee is going to be in Abu Dhabi. He may already be here. So far I have had a lukewarm reception from the Brits about accompanying me to this show. I imagine they suspect the humour will be too American (read: obvious). But I am undeterred: I will go by myself if I have to.

Even better, Ahmed Ahmed toured in Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show. I am putting on my laughing pants RIGHT NOW.


Phillip said…
I'm not much for standup these days, but I admit I prefer American comedy (read: obvious) to British (read: scatological).
Tuesday and Wednesday night... Beach Rotana hotel

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