Say what? Things I cannot believe I have read in a newspaper

The National had a story yesterday reporting that Sharjah, one of the seven emirates, has decided to implement a 10-year-old federal law banning people working in low-income or low-skilled professions from applying for driving licenses. So, apparently, if you are a lawyer, you can drive your car. Tailor? Not so lucky.

The really odd thing about this story is one of the professions not allowed to get a license under this law is newspaper distributors. Um, how exactly does a person distribute newspapers without a driving license?

Sharjah Municipality put the law in action late last year to cut congestion on the roads. I might have gone the toll route, but what do I know?

The story goes on to interview a man who was not pleased when, after complaining about not being able to get a license, was told by the counter officer: "if you want a license, go back to school and upgrade for a good profession".

Oh, they also interviewed a driving instructor who was quite pleased with the changes. Before the law, he was exhausted teaching 10 people a day; now he is at an easier pace of four or five.


Max said…
I'm surprised they did not implement the rule of people with ODD plate numbers to drive their cars Sat,Mon and Wed; while people with EVEN plate numbers to drive their cars on Sun, Tues and Thurs :P

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