It is consistently shocking, all the things the UAE does not have

Yesterday, we had a front page story about how the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi was going to launch the Abu Dhabi Air Quality Index to measure air pollution at 19 sites around the emirate. Many days, as I've wandered around the city, gasping for air, I've pondered what the air quality (or lack of it) might be.

Add it to the long list of things the UAE is adding to move into the present: Aids and HIV awareness training for prison guards, city buses, a system of elected municipal councils, and so on.


nzm said…
AIDS and HIV awareness for prison guards?

Why? I thought that with the blood tests done on each expatriate, they didn't allow anyone into the U.A.E. who had any diseases or viruses.

Oh wait - they don't test the Emiratis, do they?
tobasco said…
Weclome to UAE.

Isn't it exciting ;o)
Abid said…
@nzm - not only can natives have HIV/AIDS, illegal immigrants can have it also.

In either case, the disease is deadly - whether it was brought in illegally, legally, or was bred in the country.
nzm said…
Abid: shouldn't illegal immigrants be deported, and how are they getting in?

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