The falcons would be scary if they weren't wearing their hats

Though I wouldn't go near something like this back in Canada, living abroad pushes one to do things they may not have previously imagined. That's how I came to be strolling the aisles if the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition yesterday. That is an entirely fake camel to my left, by the way. Seeing such a large fake camel, to me, was almost as interesting as coming across a real one. By the way, did you know one is not supposed to wash camels with people shampoo? Here is proof:

I also saw loads of knives and guns - rifles, pistols, semi-automatic weapons - and people snapping them up. For some reason, when I saw this gun, I had to hold and point it. (This photo and the smile on my face in no way indicate I am some sort of advocate.)

We missed the camel competition, but did make it in time for the saluki show. Salukis are desert dogs, skinny desert dogs.


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