And then one day, I found the secret bacon room

I had always wondered about people who buy bacon. They say they got it at Spinney's, an overpriced yet much-appreciated grocery store that caters to expat tastes. I must have been there eight times, and sort of cast my eye around for bacon, never to find it. I heard the pork was kept in a special room, but I always forgot to look for it. And then, this week, I found myself at the back of the store and there it was: the pork room.

Inside, there was everything from sausage spaghetti sauce to bacon-flavoured chips. And, oddly, a shelf full of strawberry Pop Tarts.

Although I wanted to buy everything, I kept my purchases as modest as was humanly possible for a person who has not eaten pork for more than a month: salami, ham, bacon. Mmmmm.


birdsnack said…
Yeah I wondered about the pop tarts too. Apparently someone thinks they use pork gelatin in the frosting, but according to this site it's beef. Someone should tell Spinney's to get 'em out of the forbidden room.
Abid said…
As a Canadian, how did you manage to survive without bacon for breakfast for a month?
Abid said…

It is still not halal meat...

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