I like to write: The Argo and I hate Big Sugar edition

A bit behind on these, but I've written two pieces for The Review (in The National) in recent months.

For the Argo piece, I interviewed the former Canadian ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor (portrayed by fellow Canadian Victor Garber in what was, its emphasis on the CIA aside, a very fine film), about meeting an apologetic Ben Affleck and how what's going on in the Middle East and how it's not so different.

Last week I read an article about the new Coke anti-obesity television ad, then watched it, and because I was so riled up I wrote this column (which was accompanied by a really cool illustration) about how in the fullness of time Big Sugar will likely rival Big Tobacco when it comes to decades of well-funded attempts to manipulate the public into believing its products are harmless when, as is increasingly being proven, they most definitely are not. 


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