Dear Pond's: It's about the name of your new Pond's White Beauty range


Rootless said…
Ah yes, brought to you by the same people (Unilever) who also flog the delightful Fair & Lovely with marvellously subtle ad campaigns illustrating how lightening your skin helps you get the job/man/life previously unavailable. Yet meanwhile they market Sunsilk products in African markets as proudly developed especially for African hair and Dove as being for all types of women's bodies... But Unilever are no worse than the rest of them: L'Oreal,Beiersdorf (Nivea),P&G all have the same obnoxious appeal to women's insecurities. Personal products and cosmetics are all a complete rip-off. There is very little they can actually do for you beyond the basic function of soap to clean. Yet women (mainly) all over the world seem especially keen to swallow the hype hook, line and sinker...
Sanity said…

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