Thursday, February 7, 2013

Exotic pet ban: Here's hoping you didn't have your heart set on a giant anteater

One of the great delights in reading the news here in the UAE are the occasional stories of people trying to enter the country with briefcases of iguanas or monkeys stuffed in their trousers.

It's the opposite of delightful, of course for the animals caught in what has been a thriving trade in exotic pets, often with tragic consequences. My favourite story since arriving was about Lily, the lioness that bounced back. And although I am sure it was very scary, I was also a big fan of the coverage of the cheetah on the loose in Sharjah, resulting in one my favourite pictures ever.

Anyway, while I'll miss such stories, it's a great development that the Ministry of Environment and Water is limiting to zoos and breeding centres many of the animals that has previously been allowed to enter. Check out the list here.

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